Music Services


Custom Tracks

We understand it can be somewhat difficult to find the right music for your next project. We create custom music for recording artists and non music related businesses. To hear examples of previous projects visit the bottom of our “About” page . Please  Contact Us to schedule free consultation.



Mixing & Remixing Services

We absolutely love to remix tracks! Want to give your tracks a different feel from the original? We have the tools and the know how to take your song to new heights.  Tell us where you want to go or totally leave it up to us. Turn a round times vary from 3 to 5 days.

Need to have your project mixed? We can help. Contact Us to discuss your concerns.



Musician Consultation & Services

Need a certain instrument or part added to your existing track(s). Maybe you need a live bass line or guitar part added to your tracks. We can deliver with quality and efficiency.  Contact Us for more info on all the ways we can assist you on your next project.